Person Centred Wing

Person Centred Wing

Documents associated with the establishment of the person centred wing:

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The Person Centred Wing (PCW) is up and running just over two and a half years and one of the questions within the wing we are asked is “what is it the PCW does that makes it different?”


The PCW offers the opportunity to have someone work with you who comes with an exclusively individualized focus on getting to know you and figuring out what needs to happen so that you get the opportunity to create the life you want for yourself.    What people want is usually very ordinary but is seen as ‘extraordinary’ if you have a disability –  such as:

  • Having friends that include people who do not have disabilities;
  • Securing work placements, paid employment;
  • Being a homeowner;
  • Being active club members.


Because the co-ordinator works exclusively with you,  there is no danger of compromising on what can be achieved.     They don’t skim the surface but will delve to get a true picture of what is important to you.  What the co-ordinators invests in time wise is in what will bring real and ongoing value to your life rather than undertaking one-off activities.


Co-ordinators work closely with family to figure out what it is they hope and aspire to for you.   Within the Person Centred Wing supporting people is done in partnership with the family to allow the pooling of knowledge and resources that the co-ordinators and family have to offer to your benefit.


One of the main learnings for the project is that sustained uplift in people’s lives is difficult to achieve without the shared ‘figuring it out’ with family and the commitment of the key individual to work towards their own valued lifestyle.  What the co-ordinator offers to the individuals and their family member is someone that will support and work with them through the good and hard times that we all experience in life.


Co-ordinators are champions of change and are willing to work through obstacles and go that extra mile for the person they support.  They do not focus on what the individual can’t do but how they can excel at what they do well.


To quote from a person who has transformed her life from a community residential home to her own home “ I love that I have the freedom to live my own life, I love my job and go out a lot more with people I work with.”


Josephine Glackin

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