Person Centred Wing

Person Centred Wing

Documents associated with the establishment of the person centred wing:

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The Person Centred Wing (PCW) provides individualised support to children and adults with an intellectual disability and who have access to their own support funding through the Health Service Executive (HSE).  Social Role Valorisation provides the framework on how people are supported.

Each arrangement is bespoke and built on the ideal of ‘living the good life’.  Focus is given to important areas such as home, education, employment & active participation in society.

While each individual will have a different idea of what makes the good life, the key to each arrangement is that the focus person is supported by a coordinator and support team (who have skills and attributes useful to the person).  The support provided varies from a few hours per day/week to 24-hour support in a person’s own home.

The coordinator prioritises getting to know the person through spending time with them in a meaningful manner to gain a true picture of who the person is and what is important to them.

One of the main learnings to date is that sustained uplift in a person’s life is difficult to achieve without a shared ‘figuring it out’ with family and the commitment of the key individual to work towards their own valued lifestyle.  What the coordinator offers to the individual and their family members is someone that will support and work with them through the good and hard times that we all experience in life.

Coordinators are champions of change and are willing to work through obstacles and go that extra mile for the person they support.  They do not focus on what the individual can‘t  do but how they can excel at what they do well.

Josephine Glackin

Head of the PCW

26th May 2021

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