The Human Resources Department is responsible for supporting staff and managers to recruit people who will align to the vision and mission of the Muiríosa Foundation.

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Human Resources Department
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The vision of the Muiríosa Foundation is that individuals live a life which:

  • Best reflects the individual’s will and preference;
  • Connects the individual to a rich network of relationships, with a nucleus of strong committed, personal relationships at its core;
  • Is inclusive and valued;
  • Is meaningful and fulfilling.


Focusing and organising our resources and capacities to ensure that the individual has access the range and level of supports which he / she requires to experience a  self-directed, connected, inclusive, meaningful and fulfilling life.

Muiríosa Foundation’s mission will span a range of engagements with, and on behalf of, the individual - providing   direct   supports; liaising   and   aligning   with   others   to   ensure   necessary   and appropriate supports are available, advocacy.

All staff employed in the Muiríosa Foundation work towards the vision and valuing life and helping people live meaningful lifestyles.

The Muiríosa Foundation provides services throughout the Midlands counties. We have a presence in all the major towns of the Midlands. Community is very important to the people we serve, and people become involved in their local community - staff can make that happen.

It is our wish for staff that a role with the Muiríosa Foundation is fulfilling making a difference to the people we serve. Every person across all departments make this difference.


There are many benefits of Employment with Muiríosa Foundation

  • We work towards the vision for those we serve
  • We make a difference to their lives
  • Working in an organisation located across the counties of the midlands in both urban and rural settings
  • Career and development opportunities
    • Extensive local Education and Training for all roles
    • QQI accredited Education and Training Section
    • We support for further education as relevant to roles
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) available to all staff (24 x 7 support)
  • Pension Scheme for all employees
  • Paid benefits include Maternity/Paternity Leave, Annual Leave above statutory leave, Sick leave scheme
  • Department of Health Pay Scales apply
  • Working hours set according to the service type and location

To Apply:

All our positions require an application to be submitted. Applications are made through our Recruitment online application – whether directly through the website, or a link  through an advertisement.

The application form clearly provides detail on what information we require, however we do have some suggestions to help you:

  • Check out what date and time the application process closes on the job advertisement, any applications received after this will not be accepted.
  • Review the requirements for the specific role and ensure you meet the requirements. Use these requirements as a guide for completing the application form.
  • Ensure your answers to the questions in the application form are aligned with the criteria providing examples that demonstrate you have the required knowledge and skills.


We ensure that the shortlisting criteria is applied consistently and fairly to all applicants. The panel will only consider the content of the application. No assumptions can be made.


If you are shortlisted for interview you will be sent an Invite to Interview Email. The email will explain if there are any additional requirements for the interview e.g. The nature and expected duration of any tests/presentations, etc.

All interviews will be conducted by the Interview Panel led by the Panel Chairperson. This is your opportunity to explain why you are the ideal candidate for the role. You will be asked questions relevant to the post. For certain posts you may also be required to complete an additional selection exercise e.g. A presentation, test or exercise. You will be advised of this in the Invite to Interview Letter. The Panel will make reasonable adjustments to the interview process, as far as is practicable, for candidates who have declared that they have a disability or special requirements.

In certain circumstances it may be appropriate or necessary to proceed to a second interview stage. Candidates will be advised in writing of the date, time and format of the second interview, giving reasonable notice from the date of receiving their letter, where practicable.


If you are successful at interview stage, you will proceed to progression. Due to the nature of the work in the Muiríosa Foundation we require candidates to go through some pre-employment checks before we confirm you in post. These will be sought during the progression stage of the process. All information required is submitted and is satisfactory the only thing left to do is confirm your start date and commence with the Muiríosa Foundation.


We look forward to hearing from you

Muiríosa Foundation Human Resources Team

- Valuing Life, helping people build meaningful lifestyles-


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