Statement by Muiriosa CEO

Siobhan Bryan the CEO for the Muiríosa Foundation has said in a statement earlier this year "No private donations or fund-raised monies are implicated in the remuneration of any employee. Other than small-scale fund-raising initiatives conducted by local centres, Muiriosa Foundation do not engage in public fundraising. Locally-raised funding is expended on local projects and is not used as a revenue stream for central activity"


The Muiriosa Foundation welcome donations. Funds raised in this way are used in a limited number of ways:

To develop new kinds of responses to particular needs ( for instance we are currently exploring the need for and feasibility of a hospice outreach service for clients living in community-based residences);

To fund the physical development of new facilities

To introduce programmes and features that will enhance the quality of life of our service users, programmes and features beyond what can be offered on the basis of statutory funding. Monies raised in this way will not be used to subsidise programmes and services which are funded through standard revenue funding from the Health Boards and Department of Health.

The allocation of fund-raised money will be overseen by a senior committee which will include representation of families and service users. Funds will only be allocated on the basis of formal written submissions which will be closely scrutinised and evaluated by the overseeing committee.

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