Centre of Education, Training and Development

Mission Statement
The Centre of Education, Training and Development, Moore Abbey is committed to the provision of educational opportunities for all staff who support individuals (either directly or indirectly) who have intellectual disability. We strive to provide evidence based programmes that reflect the philosophy of the organisation with an emphasis on respecting each individual’s contribution, facilitating learning and engagement, and promoting empowerment. We aim to provide lifelong learning that is accessible, current; evidence based and relevant to supporting people with intellectual disability in today’s evolving service world. We aim to promote a good life for the individuals who use the service by equipping staff with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to do so.

The Functions of the Centre of Education, Training and Development are to provide education and programmes of professional development for employees by:
  • Conduct Training Needs Analysis to identify training requirements.

  • Provide a comprehensive training and development programme by agreeing service.priorities with members of the Management Executive Team.  

  • Provide a learning environment where learners feel supported, are encouraged to express their own ideas and actively engage in learning.  

  • Develop evidence based accessible courses. 

  • Facilitate learning through a variety of engaging methods.  

  • Facilitate learners to feel confident and competent when leaving courses through a process of confirmation of learning.  

  • Actively encourage constructive feedback which informs programme review and development.  

  • Source and evaluate internal and external education and training providers.  

  • Establish and maintain systems to record education, training and development activities.

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